Body Work By Tom

Body Work by Tom

A Relaxing, Peaceful and Soothing Escape from Stress and Tension

If what you are looking for is a thoroughly relaxing, peaceful, soothing escape from stress and tension and an opportunity to recharge and re-vitalize your energy, thoughts and spirit through the healing therapy of touch...then I would be honored to assist you in that endeavor.

My favorite top 10 reasons to schedule a therapeutic massage:
1) Promotes well-nourished and healthy skin
2) Improves circulation of blood and lymph
3) Relaxes muscles and improves joint mobility
4) Improve energy flow throughout the body
5) Speeds recovery from strenuous physical exertion
6) Improves digestion, nutrient assimilation and waste elimination
7) Increases the detoxification functioning of the liver and kidneys
8) Improves nasal congestion and sinus conditions
9) Restores a state of balance to the mind and body
10) Feels really great!

There are many different types of massage and techniques. I do a combination of swedish and deep-tissue bodywork. Swedish is the familiar, long strokes as well as kneading, vibration, friction and percussion techniques and have a tranquilizing, sedative effect on the central nervous system. This is a direct aid in dealing with the overpowering effects of everyday stress and tension. Deep Tissue is slightly more intense which I use mainly on any trouble spots or "knots" I may discover to help release and remover those deposits.

Remember, your bodywork session is designed to be a relaxing, soothing, comfortable and enjoyable experience. Regardless of whether or not you have previously experienced the benefits of a therapeutic full-body massage, you will find that it is a wonderful way not only to relax and release tension, tightness and soreness from your physical body, but when done well, it can provide a wonderful means of mental, emotional and psychological reprieve from the everyday stresses we are all exposed to.

I am masculine, responsive, lean 6'2" 180lbs muscular, athletic, energetic, out-going and friendly person. I have a very intuitive and focused touch that I believe results in a very healing and relaxing session taylored to each client.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Contact information:

$60.00/hr in-call
$75.00/hr out-call (depending on location)

Appointments available:
Mon-Fri 6pm-10pm
Weekends call for availability.

My location:
Renton, WA (15 to 20 miles south of Seattle off I-405)


A few quotes from some of my clients:
"That was amazing!"
"You put a lot of energy into your work and it really shows."
"That was the best I've ever had, and I've had many."
"I really love what you do for me"
"I'll definitely be back"

"You have the best hands!"
"I wish you had a spot on your website so I could post a review."
"Thanks again for your magic touch - I truly felt great and stress free."
"I feel lucky to have found you. A good massage therapist is a golden find."